San francisco gay dating scene sucks

How about sitting through games at Candlestick huddled in parkas and sleeping bags? Were they Giants fans in ? Or maybe they were there in when the strike happened and they mourned with all the hot dog vendors the last day of that abbreviated season? Or maybe they were in the stands in when all the overcapitalized start-ups had season tickets and the seats were all empty?

Everyone celebrates when the team wins. Chicago gets that. Mets fans get that. Redskins fans get that. Anchor is the real San Francisco beer. Neighborhoods definitely define the experience. I work at a startup and I am not the norm in my neighborhood. Excellent list. I relocated from Boston to San Francisco 13 years ago at the peak of the dot-com boom. PBR is not the drink of choice in my circle. In fact, I would say people in San Francisco take their drinks seriously—so expect to learn a lot about wine and cocktails if you live here. I love that nearly all waitstaff in this city are pretentious about these drinks, just well informed and happy to share what they know.

Take up hiking. Most everyone here loves hiking. Cross the Golden Gate bridge and within 30 minutes you are far, far away from the city and enjoying the splendor of the redwoods and amazing endless views of the Pacific Ocean. People have always complained about high rents in this city, which continue to creep up … so, if you plan to stick around, find a place you like and stay there you do not want to know how low my rent is. People here do not care where you went to college. You are who you are out here, not where you spent four year of your life.

I disagree about cost of living here.

Why Do Gay Men Make Dating So Hard For Themselves?

Dining out in SF is far cheaper than other cities Boston, for example. Very few buildings in the city are actually rent-controlled. You guys seriously need to look up what rent control is. Capping rent increases is NOT rent control.


Rent control is arbitrarily setting the maximum amount that a building owner can charge in rent. That amount does not change even after one tenant leaves and another moves in. ANY building built before is rent controlled in San Francisco. Anything built after 79 can have unlimited rent increases. Most rental stock was built pre Rent control sets the highest percentage of increase a landlord can impose in a year after your original lease runs out.

Agreed people actually do care where you went to college. Been in SF 13 years and happens all the time. In my 20s, I used to avoid mentioning it in conversation. The bragging thing is new. Sports is actually pretty important here. They have a decent beer selection and great food. The mission spot has a full bar, as well. Totally thought I would scoff at such a list when I clicked on the link, but this is a solid one. Good compilation. Go figure… January is usually very mild. AC in Oakland — using it less and less, never used it in SF.

Compared to the only reasonable winter produce being carrots, lettuce, bananas, citrus, and apples. By April, my palate would be anxiously awaiting the first of the stone fruits. If you meet someone you like, make sure to get their number and email. Frisco or SF will do just fine. Good points on 2 and 4 though.

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I like to change it up. Karl The Fog commented on my blog.

Definitely a big item crossed off the bucket list: Reblogged this on Renelly Morel and commented: A fantastic article that sums up my personal experiences of living in one of the best cities in the world, San Francisco. Abso-freaking-nailed it…with the glaring omission of Fernet anywhere. How can he forget the Fernet…: Maybe for transplants. Not even close in my opinion. Give me Prohibition and some Boont Amber Ale please.

NYC and Paris are awesome dude.

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  4. There were a ton of sunny days in October and November. I was lying in the sun at Dolores Park the day after Thanksgiving.

    Why Do Gay Men Make Dating So Hard For Themselves? | HuffPost

    Find a used copy of San Francisco at your Feet, and read while you walk. So is West Portal. Downtown, walk the streets on Sunday and look up — the architecture at the tops of the buildings is often beautiful. Look for the quiet, upscale, older alleys and the bookstores or restaurants there.

    Dating in San Francisco is like...

    Excellent restaurant and bar, open to the public. And…but I could go one forever, so consider this a start. The ocean is fucked up by some industrial shit. Rents are crazy. The city is full of shitty zombies making too much noise.

    Same question counts for Tokyo, too. But the city itself is full of good, very lively streets, parks… People are very friendly, environment is clean, transportation is awesome…. Let me guess, New Yorker right? Guess SF is not for you. Beg to differ: The city is nice for a lot of things but, you are right, it is not a great city. Second that. Right on. Quite accurate.

    Some of your thoughts were exactly mine too. Typical internet flamer — just looking for a reaction. Hey, SF just called, said the feeling is mutual! Traveling to MV or PA may not be a 90 min trip. The short walk, followed by some quiet time on the train is one of the things I miss most. For a developer who works on their local machine, the spotty 4G signal while moving is really no big deal either.

    I do love San Francisco. Go Sox! Routsey uses the GPS on the busses, and is almost always perfectly correct. Technology is certainly huge here, but there are people working in restaurants and bars and stores and making clothes and teaching school and selling real estate and everything else that happens in any other city. Your impression that everyone works in tech says more about your social circle than our city. Inequality in this city is off the charts — no mention of the Outer Mission, Excelsior, let alone Sunnydale or Hunters Point.

    Dear god this is well done. Great job! For the happy hour part and also events , check this site out: Yes, SF is the most expensive city, but when you compare it to New York, you also have to count the other four boroughs, which brings down the average.

    It gets cold at 4pm.