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Flarico makes excellent jocks with a three-inch or six-inch band, very good for older men who are especially prone to groin strains and hernias.

Research shows attraction can be fluid when love is involved

Often basic drugstore products work as well as the fancier, more expensive ones. Start to luxuriate in the pampering that good grooming gives you. Good dental and oral care should be a constant part of your grooming routine. Chemical assistance: If you are not using one of the drugs aimed at heightening erections and sexual response, such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, or the generics for them — and you are over 50 or 60 — then test them out. Ask your doctor either for a sample or a prescription for a few tablets.

In the US, many insurance companies will now pay for these drugs, although Medicare, ever the government scold, will not. If you decide to use one regularly and it is not covered, investigate having them sent from Canada where they are much cheaper. There are numerous pharmacies that do that online.

The trouble with being 40 and single | Alex Andreou | Opinion | The Guardian

External versus internal orgasms: A lot of men over 50 can no longer have an external orgasm. When they cum, no ejaculate comes out.

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I have not been able to have an external orgasm for almost a decade. What happens is that your ejaculate shoots back into your bladder and you pee it out. Solo sex: Never give up on it. This cuts them off even further from sexuality. Non-orgasmic sex: If you are experiencing, for whatever reason, an inability to orgasm, realize that the goal of all sex is not orgasm: ED is certainly not always a component of age — it can start at any age for a large number of reasons — but many men as they age feel that it is a painful source of shame to them.

All of us need to change that attitude. Always remember: Threesomes and group sex: Going after these experiences — or inviting them — can be fun, and sometimes even turn into romantic and emotionally fulfilling situations. Safe sex: Now is not the time to ignore safe sex guidelines.

Life After 'Death'? 10 Reasons Why The 40s Are My Best Gay Decade Yet

So practice safe sex, and if you are with multiple sex partners, have yourself tested for STDs often. This is the third in a series of articles by Perry Brass on gay aging. Previous articles have dealt with attitudes toward aging among young people and older people , and also how gay men, through the effect of gay Baby Boomers, have changed some of their attitudes toward aging. Gay Self Help Books or at perrybrass.

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Stay in touch with your community. Subscribe to our free newsletter: Email address. So I went. Any younger and the placenta would have still been attached. This has been a feature of my singlehood. The moment I clicked over 40, I magically transformed into the most desirable person for vacuous yoof. I told you, I am no good at this. So I sat there and attempted to make small talk, to take a reasoned view on who is better — Pink or Gaga. I tried to find nice things to say about his Alexander McQueen manbag, a source of great pride.

Innocently, I asked him when his birthday was. A date is all I needed, no year was necessary.

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  • It fell between us with a thud. Finally, it was over. Polite goodbyes, awkward little peck, done. As I was walking home, I received the following text message: But the question, mangled as it was, stayed with me: The truth is I am at an awkward age, caught between hopeless romantic, hedonistic bachelor and desperate spinster.

    3 Essential Steps to Lasting Self-Esteem

    I am not jaded enough to compromise for someone who is not a good match, too old to enjoy mindless hedonism and not old enough to resign myself to my situation. And, if I can shed 40 years of propaganda, I may come to feel what my mind already knows to be true: Despite that traitor Clooney. Topics Dating Opinion. Reuse this content.

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